PLAYLIST: Amber K AKA DJ Ambrosian Live In-Studio Guest Mix – 09.04.08

This week, Amber K joins us to deliver a finely mixed plate of Soul, House, and Funk! Having held DJ gigs all over the world, she visits us this week on KUCI to take over the decks for 2 hours.

Amber K AKA DJ Ambrosian Live In-Studio Guest Mix
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Tonight’s Playlist:

01. ROCKER (Eric Prydz Mix) – Alter Ego
02. Bring It Down – Simpson Tune
03. Afro Pasilda – Medusa
04. When I’m With you – Leego
05. ID
06. Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Remix) Negrocan
07. Richie Havens DE9: Closer to the Edit – ID
08. White Treble, Black Bass (Slick’s Original Mix) Sgt Slick
09. ID
10. Sweeter Love (Jay’s Full Vocal) Blue Six
11. Breather Afterlife
12. Comfortably Numb (Fatboys Extended Mix) Scissor Sisters
13. U don’t know me Solid Groove Remix Basement Jaxx
14. Fame (Milk and Sugar Club Mix) Kid Alex Ft. Kimo Greene
15. Bob O’Lean (Club Mix) Aloud
16. Through Chyanges (Johnny Fiascos Mix)  Cricco Castelli
17. ID
18. Yeah Usher? Lola’s Theme Mastermix Mashed Up 9

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