JES Live Phone Interview! – 03.19.09

Special thanks to JES for calling in on tour from Austin, Texas to give us a glimpse behind the music and performances that have touched so many people across the world.

The tracklistings for both of her albums, which aired in their entirety tonight, are posted below.

An archive of the interview will be available shortly for download. Check this site regularly for updates!

Tune in next week for Matt Darey’s Nocturnal, featuring an exclusive guest mix from Funkagenda!


Hour 1: JES – Disconnect

01. Ghost
02. Heaven
03. One More Circling
04. Want My Love
05. You And Me Belong
06. In Ohm
07. Like A Waterfall
08. Imagination
09. Disconnect
10. People Will Go
11. Around You
12. Stronger
13. My Blue Heart
14. See You Soon

Hour 2: JES – Into The Dawn [The Hits Disconnected]

01. Heaven (Mÿon Remix)
02. Around You (Jukibe Remix)
03. It’s You I Need
04. Like a Waterfall (Flipside Ambient Remix)
05. Into the Dawn
06. Imagination (Richard Robson Remix)
07. Blind
08. Wish You Were Here
09. In Ohm (Lime Chill Remix)
10. Breakin’ Me
11. Ghost (Lime Chill Remix)
12. As The Rush Comes (Hampton’s Chills Remix)

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