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onairThe recording industry is lobbying Congress to pass legislation that would require radio stations to pay a new royalty for every song broadcast over-the-air.  Congress has repeatedly rejected this idea on the grounds that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between record labels and artists, on the one hand, and radio stations, on the other.  However, the threat of passage is now greater than in the past.

Historically, Radio does not pay for the right to “perform” music over the air, and the recording industry does not pay Radio for the value of the airplay we provide.   Rather, the airplay results in significant promotional value accruing to the record labels and artists, and we benefit from use of the content.  This Performance Tax legislation would upend this fair and historical balance, and forever change Radio as we currently know it.

Check below to see how YOU can do your part to keep radio the way it was meant to be for all – FREE!


Tired of the negative press they’ve received from suing college kids and grandmothers, the major record companies have now turned their sights on your local radio stations. The foreign owned record companies are spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress to pass a bill that would establish a “performance tax” – forcing local radio to pay for the music that is currently provided to you, the listener, free of charge.

Like all businesses, radio stations across the country are struggling to stay afloat – over 250 stations have been forced off the air in the last year alone. If passed, this bill would guarantee many more stations would fail, and those that survive would not be the stations you recognize today. It is you, the listener that will feel true impact of this tax most as it would ensure a decline in the diversity and quality of programming you expect and deserve from free radio. Click here to learn more.

Free radio needs your help in opposing the major record companies’ money grab!

You can help stop the major record companies, and keep government bureaucrats from deciding the price of the music you enjoy by signing onto our petition. This petition will be delivered to your representatives in Washington.

You can contact your Senators and Representatives directly by calling the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. To find out who your Senators and Representatives are, click here. Call your Members of Congress today, and tell them to oppose the performance tax, by co-sponsoring the “Supporting Local Radio Freedom Act”.

Together, we can ensure that free radio continues to serve your local market with the highest quality service and programming.

Thank you for your support!

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