Arty (feat. Chris James) -‘Together We Are’ Out Now! [Big Beat]

Arty (feat. Chris James) -'Together We Are' Out Now! [Big Beat]

A track that breaks borders and boundaries. The record to cross genres, but bring people together. It signifies a musical journey entering its final voyage and one that music lovers have been awaiting for over a year. The wait is now over, Together We Are is released.  

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Few tracks in the electronic world are treated with the same attention to perfection that Arty devoted to Together We Are. An epic dance anthem in its burgeoning stages, it gradually developed, taking on new forms as the young perfectionist matured with experiences that lay ahead of him. Playing across the world whilst releasing hits of Open Space, Around The World and When I See You’s caliber, Arty was transformed into an artist beyond his years. Understanding the emotional intensity electronic music can bring to the world, he is a young producer that applies the influence of people around him to music. Before Together We Are, we should have looked no further than the stirring record, Kate.

With the musical partnership of vocalist Chris James in tow, Together We Areblossomed as the “emotional connection across a field of thousands” (Billboard) it is today. Now more than just a record, it is a masterwork that unites genres, people and “it could even be EDM’s most representative anthem to crossover”. If you haven’t had the privilege of catching the raw emotional power of James’ acoustic version, you can do so below.

Together We Are (Feat. Chris James) Acoustic Edit

Together We Are is the culmination of Arty’s growth and is the record that will place him amongst the electronic greats. With high profile remixes on the way, Together We Are’s day in the sun is not due to set for a long time. For now though, bask in the sheer excellence of Arty’s most impressive opus to date, and embrace the person next to you.

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