Galestian — Rituals
Release date : Jan. 08, 2018
Label : Perfecto Black

"Rituals" signed to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Black label!

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A Guy in Itajai

Various Artists — A Guy in Itajai
Release date : Dec. 22, 2017
Label : Plattenbank

Galestian (ft. Mira J) - Tell Me (Ezequiel Arias Space Mix) was licensed to Guy Mantzur's Plattenbank Records, as part of his "A Guy in Itajai" mix compilation. The label is based in Munich, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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ICONYC Elements Tokyo

ICONYC — Elements Tokyo
Release date : Nov. 24, 2017
Label : ICONYC Music

"Well-known New York-based label ICONYC Music has made an outstanding compilation made up of 40 brilliant progressive house gems from the artists of all over the world, including two DJ mixes compiled and mixed by Hungarian DJ/producer Greyloop, who guides you through a magical ICONYC journey." - Gibbon

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Lucidity / Shanti EP

Arthur Galestian — Lucidity / Shanti EP
Release date : Oct. 09, 2017
Label : Droid9

Originally from Los Angeles, California, currently Tokyo-based DJ/Producer Arthur Galestian makes his Droid9 debut with this beautiful EP, stylistically sitting on the fence between deep dark progressive house and melodic techno.

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Tell Me (ft. Mira J)

Galestian — Tell Me (ft. Mira J)
Release date : Jul. 31, 2017
Label : ICONYC Music

Galestian's first release on ICONYC has been received to high acclaim via a limited promo mail out a few months back - with big support from the likes of Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Guy Mantzur and many more. Galestian delivers a humdinger of a track titled 'Tell Me' featuring the vocals of Mira J...

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Outta Limits Summer Essentials 2017

Outta Limits — Summer Essentials 2017
Release date : Jul. 03, 2017
Label : Outta Limits Recordings

"Dancing on Jupiter" sees a second re-release on Outta Limits Recordings' Summer Essentials 2017 Compilation.

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Majestic Family Artist Compilation 003

Majestic Family Records — Artist Compilation 003
Release date : Feb. 22, 2017
Label : Majestic Family Records

Majestic Family records presents its third artist compilation, mixed and compiled by Nicolas Petracca. Featuring label highlights by artists such as Nick Koplan, Hernan Serrao, Arthur Galestian, Chris Domingo, Miss T, Jos & Eli, Nicolas Petracca and more...

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The Path We Chose (ft. EKA)

Arthur Galestian (ft. EKA) — The Path We Chose
Release date : Dec. 26, 2016
Label : Majestic Family Records

We are happy to present a new release from Arthur Galestian and vocalist EKA called "The Path We Chose." Arthur's roots in electronic music stretch back to LA's underground scene of the 1990s. He established himself in public radio starting in 2003, where he hosted world-renowned artists like Above & Beyond, Carl Cox and Dubfire. His distinctive music style remains difficult to pin down, covering a wide spectrum of melody-infused genres like progressive house, deep house, techno, and trance.

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Dancing on Jupiter (2016 Re-release)

Arthur Galestian — Dancing on Jupiter [2016 Re-release]
Release date : Apr. 18, 2016
Label : Outta Limits Recordings

Originally released in 2014, "Dancing on Jupiter" sees a 2016 re-release on the Outta Limits Spring 2016 (Side A) compilation.

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T.U.T.P (Turn Up The Party) 2016 Remixes

Dirtyfreqs, VASSY — T.U.T.P (Turn Up The Party) 2016 Remixes
Release date : Apr. 01, 2016
Label : Radikal Records

Radikal Records is excited to announce the latest collaboration between Dirtyfreqs and Australia's chart-topping vocalist, Vassy on "T.U.T.P (Turn Up The Party)". This new 2016 Remix Package includes mixes from Grammy-winning producer Dave Audé, Arthur Galestian & Swedish Egil, ...

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House Essentials, Vol. 2

Mondo Records — House Essentials, Vol. 2
Release date : Mar. 21, 2016
Label : Mondo Records

House Essentials from Mondo Records is back with Volume Two. Oozing yet more silky, laid back beats and vibrant grooves.

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Stalactites (Remix)

Kohra, SHFT — Stalactites (Galestian Remix)
Release date : Dec. 14, 2015
Label : Sui Generiz

"Galestian has his first appearance on SGZ with a deep and groovy remix... Just listen. Keep an eye for the forthcoming. Stay fresh!" - Beatport

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Chica! Chica! (Remix)

Motoe Haus — Chica! Chica! (Arthur Galestian Remix)
Release date : May. 19, 2015
Label : System Recordings

"Motoe Haus comes live and direct from Ibiza... with mixes courtesy of DJ Tory Tee, Arthur Galestian, Miss Luna..." - Beatport

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Eternal (Remix)

Tomas Tejeda — Eternal (Arthur Galestian Remix)
Release date : Mar. 16, 2015
Label : Mondo Records

"Arthur Galestian... delivers a lush, deep alternative for those early doors moments. The mix is a perfect complement and will really warm up the club energy with its lush bass, soothing pads and cool laid back groove." - Beatport

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Dancing on Jupiter

Arthur Galestian — Dancing on Jupiter
Release date : Jun. 13, 2014
Label : Outta Limits Recordings

Blending the deeper grooves of house music with lush, mystical trance melodies, Arthur Galestian brings you "Dancing on Jupiter" released on Outta Limits Recordings' Deep House Luxury Vol. 2. The compilation is available now exclusively on Beatport.

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Deep House Luxury, Vol. 2

Various Artists — Deep House Luxury, Vol. 2
Release date : Jun. 13, 2014
Label : Outta Limits

Music by Davina, Stan Kolev, K-Bana, Matan Caspi, LouLou, Stan Kolev, Toby Holguin, Arthur Galestian, Davina, Beatkrush, White Resonance, Hoova, J. Khobb, Miami Delirium, Diego Astaiza, Beat Factory, No Mercy

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Edge of the Night (Remixes)

Ellenie — Edge of the Night (Arthur Galestian Remixes)
Release date : Oct. 21, 2013
Label : Dance: Global Nation

"Ellenie's 'Edge of the Night' receives the remix treatment by none other than her brother, DJ/Producer Arthur Galestian. With remixes fit for dance clubs and underground venues, Arthur draws upon 10+ years of experience behind the decks for this release." - iTunes

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Moment to Arise EP

Arthur Galestian — Moment to Arise EP
Release date : Jul. 03, 2013
Label : Nuevadeep

"Nueva Deep is delighted to welcome to the label in demand DJ and Producer Arthur Galestian. Arthur, who hails from Los Angeles, California, US., treats us to a tremendous 3 track EP consisting of 2 Deep tracks 'Moment to Arise' and 'Satori' and a delightful Chillout track 'Breeze of Tibet'" - Beatport.com

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Joey V & Arthur Galestian — Limitless (Original Mix)
Release date : Nov. 29, 2012
Label : Detox Records

"Brilliant release by Joey V and Arthur Galestian... TURN UP THE SONAR!!!" - Beatport.com

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Arthur Galestian — Consciousness
Release date : Dec. 05, 2010
Label : Black Swan Recordings

From the depths of the mind, to the depths of deep house.

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Northern Lights (Compilation)

Various Artists — Northern Lights (Mixed by Arthur Galestian)
Release date : Apr. 02, 2010
Label : Aurora Music Group

A techno/tech-house compilation of tracks by various producers, mixed by Arthur Galestian for Aurora Music Group.

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Cassie’s Law (Remix)

Signal Six & David Akermanis — Cassie's Law (Arthur Galestian Smack Remix)
Release date : May. 08, 2009
Label : Aurora Music

"Signal Six & David Akermanis - Cassie's Law" by the duo with 2 mixes on the EP with each their own flavour of the track, plus the Arthur Galestian remix to boot. - iTunes

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Free Downloads!

Globally Supported Bootlegs — Free Downloads!
Release date : Jan. 01, 2008
Label : Unsigned

Bootlegs and releases, supported globally by the world's biggest DJs. Now available for free download!

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