Moment to Arise EP
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Arthur Galestian — Moment to Arise EP
Release date : Jul. 03, 2013
Label : Nuevadeep
  1. Moment To Arise
  2. Satori
  3. Breeze of Tibet



Preview This Release:

Nueva Deep is delighted to welcome to the label in demand DJ and Producer Arthur Galestian. Arthur, who hails from Los Angeles, California, US., treats us to a tremendous 3 track EP consisting of 2 Deep tracks “Moment to Arise” and Satori” and a delightful Chillout track “Breeze of Tibet”.

“Moment to Arise” is a really atmospheric track, characterised by its wonderful depth and amazing beats, with more melodic elements emerging later in the track. Veering towards Techno at times, and peppered with ambient effects and vocal samples, it delivers a really satisfying musical experience for the lover of deeper music. “Satori” also features really deep vibes and amazing ambience, with solid and dominant hypnotic beats, against a background of vocal choir sounds. “Breeze of Tibet” rounds off the EP nicely with a chilled composition featuring a mesmerising combination of lush pads and ambient synths, and the sounds of the sweeping Breeze of Tibet.


"Moment To Arise" Chosen For NuevaDeep's "Best of NuevaDeep: Year One (Part 2)" Compilation!“Moment to Arise” was released on Nuevadeep’s “Best of Nuevadeep: Year One (Part 2)” compilation in 2013.

The compilation features music by Kerry Leva, Escenda, Techi, Rose & Paul, Peter Portal, Shimmer, and more.

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