DOWNLOAD: Arthur Galestian – NYE 2010 Extended Live Marathon Set on KUCI 88.9FM – 12.31.09!

As promised, here is a gift to jump start your year the right way!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night — HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Ferry Corsten – Forever (Dub Mix)
  2. Young Rebels & Francesco Diaz – 1998 (Original Mix)
  3. Ashley Wallbridge – Chimera (Dark Edit)
  4. Airscape – L’Esperanza (S&G 2009 Remix)
  5. Brian Cross (ft. Keneida) – Waiting (Club Mix)
  6. John Creamer & Stephane K. (ft. Nadia Ali) – Something to Lose (Starkillers Remix)
  7. Lange vs Marcos – Out of Reality (Arthur Galestian’s Out-of-this-World Bootleg)
  8. Fabio XB & Ronnie Play (ft. Gabriel Cage) – Inside of You (Cosmic Gate Remix)
  9. Arno Cost – Cyan (Original Mix) *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!*
  10. Terry Ferminal & Jonas Stenberg – A Thousand Miles, Memories (Gareth Emery Remix)
  11. Memento (ft. Anita Kelsey) – Can’t Sleep (Alex Kenji Remix)
  12. Tom & Jerry (ft. Abigail Bailey) – Touch Me (Extended Mix)
  13. Miro – By Your Side (Daz Bailey Remix)
  14. BBE – Seven Days & One Week (Joachim Garraud Remix)
  15. Marco V – Simulated 2010 (Original Mix)
  16. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Out-of-Office Remix)
  17. Arnej vs Miss Jane – Fine Strangers We Become (Dirty Sanchez Bootleg)
  18. Richard Durand – Always The Sun (Dub Mix)
  19. Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me (Yvan Prog Trance Mix)
  20. GTR – Mistral (Pete Drury’s 2009 Global Mix)
  21. Nic Chagall – This Moment (Dub Mix)
  22. Riva – For How Long (Dub Mix)
  23. Richard Durand – No Way Home (Andy Duguid Remix)
  24. Cold Blue – Mount Everest (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
  25. Midway – Amazon 2009 (Ferry Tale & Stephan R. Universal Language Remix)
  26. Supermode – Tell Me Why (Heatbeat Bootleg)
  27. Stoneface & Terminal – Storm (Original Mix)
  28. SONG OF THE YEAR: Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia – Tuvan (Andy Blueman Remix)
  29. Re:Locate – Rogue (Signum Signal Remix)
  30. Ronald van Gelderen – Dirty Rocker (Original Mix)
  31. Ascension – Someone (Signum Remix)
  32. Manuel Le Saux – Lost Odyssey (Original Mix)
  33. Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base – Buzz (Buzztalk Mix)
  34. Fabio XB & Ronnie Play – Inside of You (Andrea Mazza Remix)
  35. El Cortez – Desert Rose (Club Mix)
  36. Mansun – Wide Open Space (Greg Downey Bootleg)
  37. Darude (ft. Blake Lewis) – I Ran (So Far Away) (Tech Mix)
  38. The Blizzard w/ Gaate – Iselilja (Dub Mix)
  39. Jerome Isma-Ae – Hold That Sucker Down (Original Mix)
  40. DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg – Till Ya Drop! (Rene Amesz Remix)
  41. Simone Antes – Children (Tom Novy Remix)
  42. Alex Bartlett & Dyor – Floating Beyond (Progressive Remix)
  43. Claudia Cazacu – Size Zero (Original Mix)
  44. Subtara – Enlightmentism (Subtle By Design Remix)
  45. Leon Bolier – Ye (Airbase Remix)
  46. Leon Bolier (ft. Floria Ambra) – This (Dub Mix)
  47. Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett – Off the World (Gareth Emery Remix)

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DOWNLOAD: Medicine of the Mind 013 – November 2009 Promo Mix

Received many requests for some more vocal tracks for this next episode… ask, and you shall receive! This month’s mix features a melodic blend captivating trance tunes.

Introducing this month’s promo mix, featured on Medicine of the Mind: Episode 13. MOTM airs every first Friday of the month on BPM.FM from 1PM-2PM PST/4PM-5PM EST.

Details on the show at

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!

Feedback encouraged — enjoy the mix!

DOWNLOAD (Right-Click, Save As…):
Arthur Galestian pres. Medicine of the Mind 013: November 2009 Promo Mix


01. Filo & Peri (ft. Aruna) - Ashley (First State Remix) - Vandit Records
02. Ferry Corsten - Shelter Me (Rafael Frost Remix) - Flashover Recordings
03. Javah (ft. Tiff Lacey) - One by One (Cyrex Remix) - Redux Digital
04. Ridgewalkers (ft. El) - Find (Kyau vs Albert Remix) - Wild Records
05. Anguilla Project - Data Slide (Original Mix) - Timeline Music
06. Breakfast - Remember (Original Mix) - Flashover Recordings
07. Carlo Calabro - Strict Orange (Artento Divini Remix) - Captivate
08. Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills - Deep Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) - Different Pieces
09. Jochen Miller - Brace Yourself (Be:Gold Mix) - High Contrast Recordings
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Carson & Galestian Back in the Studio!

Carson & Galestian Hit The Studio:
New Track in the Works!
Jim Carson & Arthur Galestian

Jim Carson and Arthur Galestian are two-Los Angeles based electronic dance music producers who are internationally known due to their high profiles as both club DJs and radio show hosts. They have traveled the globe bringing their funky beats to cities like Miami, Chicago, Vegas, Amsterdam, Edmonton, Calgary, and San Francisco. In 2008 they joined forces to start producing funky electro house, progressive house, and trance.

In the summer of 2008 they signed their first progressive house & hard trance track “K.P.” to Aurora Music based in Washington D.C. run by Schubert. 2008 also saw the release of the funky electro house rocker “For The Love House” on Carson & Galestian’s own imprint Body Lickin’ Science Recordings. Galestian is a major trance head, while Carson is a major funky, tech house and electro house head. This makes for interesting conversations in both the studio and the outcomes in their productions. It is a perfect balance as they blend and weave and crossover genres from techy, electro house to progressive to trance. Jim is responsible for most of the drums, percussion, FX, white noise, and basslines in the tracks and what key the tracks will be in. Arthur is primarily responsible for the big synths, melodies, and chord progressions you hear. They also trade off on duties from time to time, let each other know what works and what doesn’t, and collaborate on sequencing, EQing, and automation. Working together motivates them to push each other harder than ever before in their commitment to music, art, and production. Galestian likes to joke around in the studio a lot while Carson is strictly business with a straight face and almost spiritual reverence for the production process. This balance makes for a good time in the studio and great productions to be made.

Currently, in October 2009, Carson & Galestian are hard at work (or “play” depending on how you look at it…) on a completely new original production that blends booty shakin’ tribal, tech-house with acid, progressive, and trance elements. This new original production will feature a dub mix and also a vocal mix with a female vocalist that has yet to be chosen. Look for this new track to be a club monster and club hit internationally around the world. Carson & Galestian have incorporated the art of flow into this production and when you hear it you will definitely feel it. Expect top DJs to chart this track around the world and Jim Carson & Arthur Galestian to become household names in the production world after this release after being internationally known and beloved as some of the finest club Djs and EDM radio show hosts in the world for over a decade.

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DHS PLAYLIST: Robert Holland Guest Mix – 10.15.09

Many thanks to Robert Holland for his spectacular guest mix! Check the links below to download copies of his mix now.

Check out more details on Robert at

Robert hosts and produces Global Dance Mission with Erin Lewis. You can subscribe to the podcast now through iTunes, or check out for more info!

Robert HollandGDM: Global Dance Mission Erin Lewis (Global Dance Mission)

DOWNLOAD (Right-click, Save File As…):

Hour 1: Robert Holland – KUCI 88.9FM Guest Mix – 10.15.09 (Part 1)
Track Listing:
1. thoughts – dave schiemann (original mix)
2. beautiful lie – tim royko & keemo (inpetto remix)
3. conspiration – eddie sender (eddie’s corrupted remix)
4. like dat – illinton (original mix)
5. city lights – rocky (original mix)
6. concrete jungle – lish (original re-edit mix)
7. take me away – 4 strings (dave darell remix)
8. rave is king – fukkk off (le castle vania remix)
9. pyjamaparty – barnes & heatcliff (original mix)
10. ssh – mortan granau (original mix)
11. natsuko – ryan galbraith (original mix)
12. watch your step – gabriel lukosz (adymus remix)
13. flickering ray – moonbeam (digital mix)
14. crash into reason – tritonal (moonbeam mix)

Hour 2: Robert Holland – KUCI 88.9FM Guest Mix – 10.15.09 (Part 2)
Track Listing:
1. reflections (intro)
2. control your fantasy – j & b (original mix)
3. dance with me – day.din (original mix)
4. disco decay – neelix (edit mix)
5. ask the right questions – neelix (original mix)
6. let solitude – tritonal (original mix)
7. angels cryin pt II – szeifert & krash (original mix)
8. obscure rays – existone (alex ozen mix)
9. second sky – robert vadney (original mix)
10. high quality – indra (original mix)
11. finding you – innerlight (dark mix)
12. hotel hell – calisto (dj choose dub)
13. the looney bin – a-team (original mix)
14. turning point – k-wave (original mix)
15. floating – ones’n’zeros (original mix)
16. be a child – ian frank (remix)
17. killing the music – indra (original mix)

NEXT WEEK: Schubert presents The Aurora Music Radio Show. Highlights in techno, minimal, progressive!

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