DGN 023 – Hour 2: PINGPONG Guest Mix + Interview (July 2014)

DGN 023 – Hour 2: PINGPONG Guest Mix + Interview (July 2014)

Join us for the guest mix this month, as we bring you a special duo from Dresden, Germany — PINGPONG. Their melodic deep house sets have been extremely well received at some of Germany’s largest stages, and we’re happy to bring you the unique sound that can only be PINGPONG.

Check out the music and listen in for a special interview with this power couple!


01. Nils Frahm – Familiar [Erased Tapes]

02. White Apple Tree – Snowflakes (PINGPONG Remix) [37 Records]

03. Sir Felix – Hope (Nora En Pure Remix) [Indiana Tones]

04. Brigade – Wal im Wald (Original Mix) [Keller]

05. Namito, Rainer Weichhold – A Little Bit Exotique [Kling Klong]

06. Lexer – Dream & Love (PINGPONG Tanzt Mix) [Klang Gymnastik]

07. Joyce Muniz Feat. Angelique Bianca – Sleepless (Wehbba Remix) [Warnung Recordings]

08. Purple Disco Machine & Teenage Mutant – The Path [Suara]

09. Moby, Damien Jurado – Almost Home (PINGPONG Remix) [Little Idiot Beatport Contest]

10. Stephan Hinz – Beer Muscle [Kling Klong]

11. Ben Bohmer – Black Pattern (Original Mix) [Bade Records]


PINGPONG stands for a new generation of fresh and melodic house music from Europe. They just started 2012 but played already on huge Dance Festivals like Sputnik Springbreak, AirBeat One, SonneMondSterne and a lot more.

Their music is a harmonic dream, dope for the floor and perfect for every moment in life! These guys produced tracks together with Kyau & Albert, White Apple Tree, Purple Disco Machine, Abby, Lucia, Fran and Lexer.

Also Beatport loves them and listed PINGPONG songs & remixes in their Top 100
and on the category “10 Must Hear Tracks Of The Week”.

DJs like Tiesto, Kyau & Albert, Stefan Biniak, Tube & Berger, Sascha Braemer, Lexer & Robin Schulz were playing PINGPONG tracks in their sets and music & lifestyle magazines wrote reviews about PINGPONG releases & podcasts.

PINGPONG’S Upcoming Shows:

  • Airbeat One Festival (Germany)
  • Sonne Mond Sterne Festival (Germany)
  • Le Jardin Festival (Belgium)
  • Color Splash (San Diego, US)

PINGPONG’s Upcoming Releases:

PINGPONG – KONGKING (Dusted Decks Records)
incl. Remixes from Stefan Biniak & Tom B. – late Autumn 2014

PINGPONG‘s Social Networks:


1. PINGPONG started not too long ago, only in 2012, but you’ve already been playing at some of the largest dance music festivals all over Germany. Tell us a bit about how the group started.
PP – We started years ago as solo artists, but we are now a couple and were always apart. So we bundled our music forces and founded PINGPONG.

2. What is the meaning behind PINGPONG?
PP – PINGPONG is simply the german word for when DJs spin music together back 2 back. That fits us perfectly because this is how we do it. 🙂

3. Tell us about the soul behind PINGPONG.
PP – First of all, we love house music with all its faces. Thomas is more of the straight “beat and groove” fan and I love the harmonies and emotional parts of house music. So PINGPONG is the unity of all influences of house music!

4. Aside from your spectacular DJ sets, you’re also working now in the studio. Tell us about your next release KONGKING on Dusted Decks Records.
PP – Oh yes, the KONGKING release! As we were working on another track in the studio, we made a baseline for it. But then we thought, “This baseline is so huge, it must be a solo club track.” Dusted Decks also shared and loved our idea and the track. And that’s it! KONGKING was born. 🙂

5. What do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your musical career?
PP – For us there has not only been this one big break or special opportunity, they are all magical moments for us. It’s the way you go… the important thing is that we are always authentic and love what we do. We make music with heart, music which we like. It is great when people share our feelings, that’s the best thing for an artist.

6. What are your music career goals in the next 1 to 3 years?
PP – To continue just like we have in the last few years. We have worked with a lot of great bands and artists. Among them being White Apple Tree, Kyau & Albert, Abby, Lucia, Purple Disco Machine, Lexer and many more. Especially with White Apple Tree and 37 Records in California, we’d like to cooperate with them more later this year. There will be a follow up track to our “PINGPONG Snowflakes Remix”. And we are working on own tracks as well. Be curious 🙂

7. What do you love to do when you are not working on music? Any other talents, passions, or hobbies?
PP – ohhh yeahhhhh… We kiss kiss kiss 😉

8. Lots of us would love to see you perform here. You’ve been performing quite a bit in Europe, and now we have the possibility of seeing you perform in San Diego, California! Can you tell us about your date in San Diego?
PP – That’s true, September the 20th, there will be a huge festival in San Diego named “Color Splash”. We played at some similar Holi Festivals in Europe and it’s absolutely sensational. Every hour the sky erupts with a truly spectacular display of color and energy, as thousands of people celebrate in the Indian tradition of “throwing color”. To play at such an amazing event in California is so cool for us. We can’t wait. Hooray! 🙂

9. What’s the best way we can stay in touch and keep up with your latest mixes and releases?
PP – Of course thru the internet. Listen to our music on soundcloud.com/pingpongpage. There will be a new pingpong podcast each month, our festival sets, release & remix news and much more. you can also get in touch with us on facebook. address: facebook.com/PINGPONGFANPAGE.

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