After 6 1/2 Years, Goodbye KUCI!

Dear KUCI staffers, lovers, fans, and supporters,

Tonight will mark the final broadcast of the show on KUCI 88.9FM.

After six-and-a-half years of running the show, the time has come for me to move on from my beloved Thursday night spot. When I jumped on board as a DJ at KUCI back in 2003, I was a starry-eyed fanatic of music who wanted to share his innermost passions with others who shared the same love for electronic dance music as I did.

Over the years, the show grew immensely. I can still listen to some of my old mixtapes from way back when and have a big “wow” moment at how far things have come. Fast forward to 2010, and “Division of Hardcore Samples” has become one of the most well-known radio shows in club land with some of the world’s best DJs and producers having been guests on the show. Famed trance vocalist Jes (“As The Rush Comes” with Motorcycle), British super-producers Above & Beyond, UK DJ/Producer Lange, and the legendary Swedish Egil of KROQ and Groove Radio, have all been guests on the show at KUCI — something which I am eternally grateful for. One of the biggest moments for DHS happened back in 2006, when we set up live remotes at Tentation Ultra Lounge to broadcast international Top 100 DJs like Armin van Buuren, Miss Nine, Matthew Dekay, Paolo Mojo, and Marco Bailey.

Today I’m blessed with the opportunity to be working in commercial radio alongside public radio, DJing, producing music, and also teaching it all to those who are eager to learn. I’m realizing my dream of making a living through music — which was my goal for the longest time — and it all began at KUCI.

I’m very thankful for having worked with all of the amazing people at KUCI over the years. Thank you SO much Mike Kaspar for your support when I most needed it while transitioning to commercial radio. Rita, you’ve been the most awesome co-worker, it’s truly been a pleasure having you as my show neighbor all this time — I especially love how you’re able to transition from indie to electronic music with your music selection so listeners don’t drop out! Sara, you’re one of the coolest people I know and I’m really glad we became friends at the station (thanks for covering the nights when I just couldn’t make it down!). Mike Boyle, you are one bad-ass engineer! What would I do without you when things were unexpectedly going wrong with guests at the studio — only you could come to the rescue! Kevin Stockdale, for keeping the backbone of KUCI going strong, and for all of your hard work and faith in the station. Nathan Callahan for being the quickest webmaster I’ve come to know. Dennis Simms for your dedication to your Friday night show and for exposing electronic music to OC for as long as I can remember. And of course, Morena, Genna, Liubys, Ramy, Genie, Jack Bartlett, Shapan, Steve Sherlock, Beth, … — it’s been great working with all of you (Genna & Morena, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you guys in clubland!). I apologize if I’ve left any names out, but know that I’m nothing but grateful for having met you.

Let’s not forget all of the local talents and guest DJs who have appeared and performed on the show — thank you all!

While I won’t be down in OC on Thursday nights anymore, I’ll be with KUCI indefinitely with spirit.

KUCI… thanks again for all of the opportunity you’ve provided for me, for giving me the vision to take the show to all of its heights, and for allowing me to grow with you. I love you!!

Lots of things are in store and there’s plenty more to come. Stay close and become a part of all the good things coming your way soon πŸ˜‰

All the best,

Arthur Galestian
Division of Hardcore Samples
Trance and Progressive House, Live DJ Mixes!
Thursdays 10PM-12AM
88.9FM KUCI from Orange County, CA

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DHS PLAYLIST: Aurora Music Mix – 11.26.09

Taking us on a different direction once a month, Aurora Music brings you the deeper sides of minimal and techno — airing on the Division of Hardcore Samples every last Thursday of the month


Hour 1:

  1. Louderbach – Grace (Stressapella)
  2. Miskate – Esprit (Frivolous Walkin on Eggshells Remix)
  3. Jason Emdley – Politic
  4. Ludivic Vendi – Hectorine (Mazi’s Audio Soul Revamp)
  5. Abyss – Mind Games
  6. Pier Bucci – Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)
  7. Holger Zilske meets Dave DK – Midi Shower
  8. Justin Maxwell – The Tussincussion
  9. Pascal Feos – Brooklyn Style
  10. John Dahlback – Wet Summer
  11. Rekorder – 6.1
  12. Stephan Bodzin – Kerosene
  13. Β The Knife – Like A Pen (Thomas Schumacher Dub)

Hour 2:

  1. Monne Automne – El Salvadore
  2. Mathew Dear – Hexy
  3. Apoll (Bergwerk) – Popschicht
  4. Adam Krohl – Squonk
  5. Unit 4 – Body Dub Remix (Acid Dub – Freak Electrique)
  6. Eclat & Prudo – Where We Go, You Don’t Know
  7. Phil Weeks & Chris Carrier – We Don’t Play Shit
  8. Swag – Thing For You
  9. Andre Kraml – Safari (James Holden Remix)
  10. Someone Else & Miskate – Rip It Cookie Muenster (Mathew Dear Remix)
  11. Guido Schneider – As Dry As I Can
  12. P. Lauer – Free Entry For Girls (Robag Wruhmes Drukki Bass Remix)
  13. Dick Richards – Prushun
  14. Auch – Frankfurt Confidential
  15. Petter – Dica Drive
  16. Dynamo – 18 Degrees

NEXT WEEK: The last Nocturnal of the year! Tune in for Matt Darey’s Nocturnal, Episode 226 — guest mix to be announced!

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DHS PLAYLIST: Arthur Galestian DJ Sets – 11.12.09

Thanks for tuning in, everyone! The tracklistings for both hours of the show are below with download links for both hours.



Hour 1: Arthur Galestian – Live at Circus Disco – August 8, 2009

DOWNLOAD (Right-click, Save As…): 80-Minute Edited CD Version

  1. The Blizzard with Gaate – Iselilja (Dub Mix) [S107 Records]
  2. Nic Chagall (ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn) – This Moment (Dub Mix) [High Contrast Recordings]
  3. Ben Preston – The Choice Is Yours (Poison Pro Made The Right Choice Remix) [Lange Recordings]
  4. Marco V (ft. Khashassi) – Solitary Confinement (REVIXED) [In Charge]
  5. Be:Gold – Starstruck [Musical Madness]
  6. Arnej vs Miss Jane – Fine Strangers We Become (Dirty Sanchez Bootleg) [CDR]
  7. Sander Van Doorn pres. Purple Haze – Bliksem [Doorn Records]
  8. Michael Jay Parker – Monostep (Melodic Mix) [Flashover Recordings]
  9. Cliff Coenraad – Distorted Reality (Reshizzled) [High Contrast Recordings]
  10. Riva – For How Long [Garuda]

Hour 2: Arthur Galestian presents Medicine of the Mind – Episode 13 (November 2009) – November 2009 Promo Mix

DOWNLOAD (Right-click, Save As…):Β Mix Only

    1. Filo & Peri (ft. Aruna) – Ashley (First State Remix) – Vandit Records
    2. Ferry Corsten – Shelter Me (Rafael Frost Remix) – Flashover Recordings
    3. Javah (ft. Tiff Lacey) – One by One (Cyrex Remix) – Redux Digital
    4. Ridgewalkers (ft. El) – Find (Kyau vs Albert Remix) – Wild Records
    5. Anguilla Project – Data Slide (Original Mix) – Timeline Music
    6. Breakfast – Remember (Original Mix) – Flashover Recordings
    7. Carlo Calabro – Strict Orange (Artento Divini Remix) – Captivate
    8. Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills – Deep Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) – Different Pieces
    9. Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself (Be:Gold Mix) – High Contrast Recordings
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DHS PLAYLIST: Robert Holland Guest Mix – 10.15.09

Many thanks to Robert Holland for his spectacular guest mix! Check the links below to download copies of his mix now.

Check out more details on Robert at

Robert hosts and produces Global Dance Mission with Erin Lewis. You can subscribe to the podcast now through iTunes, or check out for more info!

Robert HollandGDM: Global Dance Mission Erin Lewis (Global Dance Mission)

DOWNLOAD (Right-click, Save File As…):

Hour 1: Robert Holland – KUCI 88.9FM Guest Mix – 10.15.09 (Part 1)
Track Listing:
1. thoughts – dave schiemann (original mix)
2. beautiful lie – tim royko & keemo (inpetto remix)
3. conspiration – eddie sender (eddie’s corrupted remix)
4. like dat – illinton (original mix)
5. city lights – rocky (original mix)
6. concrete jungle – lish (original re-edit mix)
7. take me away – 4 strings (dave darell remix)
8. rave is king – fukkk off (le castle vania remix)
9. pyjamaparty – barnes & heatcliff (original mix)
10. ssh – mortan granau (original mix)
11. natsuko – ryan galbraith (original mix)
12. watch your step – gabriel lukosz (adymus remix)
13. flickering ray – moonbeam (digital mix)
14. crash into reason – tritonal (moonbeam mix)

Hour 2: Robert Holland – KUCI 88.9FM Guest Mix – 10.15.09 (Part 2)
Track Listing:
1. reflections (intro)
2. control your fantasy – j & b (original mix)
3. dance with me – day.din (original mix)
4. disco decay – neelix (edit mix)
5. ask the right questions – neelix (original mix)
6. let solitude – tritonal (original mix)
7. angels cryin pt II – szeifert & krash (original mix)
8. obscure rays – existone (alex ozen mix)
9. second sky – robert vadney (original mix)
10. high quality – indra (original mix)
11. finding you – innerlight (dark mix)
12. hotel hell – calisto (dj choose dub)
13. the looney bin – a-team (original mix)
14. turning point – k-wave (original mix)
15. floating – ones’n’zeros (original mix)
16. be a child – ian frank (remix)
17. killing the music – indra (original mix)

NEXT WEEK: Schubert presents The Aurora Music Radio Show. Highlights in techno, minimal, progressive!

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DHS PLAYLIST: Aurora Music Mix – 08.27.09

Thanks for tuning in! Thanks to Schubert for tonight’s progressive/minimal/techno blend of tunes.

Tracklisting for tonight’s show below.

NEXT WEEK: Matt Darey’s Nocturnal, Episode 213

DOWNLOAD MIX: Aurora Mix, August 2009: Hour 1

1. EMT- Extra Lunch – Original Mix
2. Daniel Kyo – Dolphins In Ganges – Original Mix
3. Retep Knuf – Gin – Original Mix
4. Uto Karem – Alive – Original Mix
5. Tonecast – Murder & Fingerprints – Simon & Shaker Remix
6. Mario Ochoa – So Serious – Original Mix
7. Marshall, Libex – Turin Quality Clubbing – Radio Mix
8. Varoslav – La Cartouche – Original Mix
9. Vincent Thomas, Jean Claude Ades – Shingaling – Viet2 Hermano Mix
10. Ron Costa – Al Amanecer – Carlo Lio Remix
11. Tom Hades – What’s His Name – Original Mix
12. Varoslav – Note Antidote – Original Mix
13. Afro Cube – Sugar Cane – Original Mix 7
14. Mark Broom – Jackpot_Nic Fanciulli Remix
15. Aki Bergen – Alma De Dios_Original Mix
16. Joey Seminara, Simon Gain – Mulani_Original Mix
17. Jesse Garcia – Let Me Hear You Go_Original Mix

DOWNLOAD MIX: Aurora Mix, August 2009: Hour 2

18. Julian Jeweil – Bubbles (original mix) – Skryptom Records
19. Dousk – Donut drama (original mix) – Vapour records
20. Solee – Jule (original mix) – Parquet Recordings
21. Bukaddor And Fishbeck – Tandem (original mix) – My Best Friend records
22. Spartaque – Crush dummy (original mix) – Speca Records
23. Popof – Serenity (Lutzenkirchen remix) – Form records
24. Moonbeam – Your wind is in my hands (ramon tapia vocal mix) – Moonbeam Digital
25. Koen Groeneveld – Wake Turbulence (original mix) – Roxy Records
26. Grunjah – Shellless (original mix) – BDivision records
27. Astronivo – My world (original mix) – Proton music

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