COMMUNITY: Richard Durand Mixes Men’s Health Magazine CD!

Never thought Richard Durand would be mixing a blend of tunes for a work-out magazine, but on second thought, I’m not surprised! If he can fuel a dance floor, he sure as hell can fuel a gym session.

This “Endurance Booster” compilation does just that — it’s expertly blended to match your workout. As your workout progresses, the tempo of the music also increases to match where you should be in your endurance training.

Check out the Mini Training Guide & Booklet (PDF)

Not a subscriber to the magazine? No worries!

You can grab your copy now on iTunes!Richard Durand - Men's Health Magazine (UK) "Endurance Booster" Mix

Check out the tracklist:

  1. Banyan Tree – Feel The Sun Rise
  2. Alex O’Rion – Winter
  3. Souls – In The Beginning (Didier Red’s Assistant Po Lak Formats Remix)
  4. Andy Duguid – The Crossing
  5. Alex O’Rion – Fragile Goods
  6. Moonbeam – See The Difference
  7. Richard Durand – Into Something
  8. Richard Durand – Always The Sun
  9. Steve Forte Rio – A New Dawn
  10. Richard Durand-  Silver Key
  11. Alex O’Rion – Like A Box Of Fluffy Ducks
  12. Andy Duguid – Don’t Belong
  13. Airbase – The Road Not Taken (Leon BolierRemix)
  14. Airbase – Back
  15. Cary Brothers – Ride
  16. Chris R vs Carl B – Take Off
  17. Vimana – We Came (Akira V2 Remix) 
  18. Alex O’Rion – Velvet Skies 
  19. Andy Duguid – White Sand

Men's Health Playlist, Vol. 4 (Endurance Booster Mixed By Richard Durand), Richard Durand

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