After 6 1/2 Years, Goodbye KUCI!

Dear KUCI staffers, lovers, fans, and supporters,

Tonight will mark the final broadcast of the show on KUCI 88.9FM.

After six-and-a-half years of running the show, the time has come for me to move on from my beloved Thursday night spot. When I jumped on board as a DJ at KUCI back in 2003, I was a starry-eyed fanatic of music who wanted to share his innermost passions with others who shared the same love for electronic dance music as I did.

Over the years, the show grew immensely. I can still listen to some of my old mixtapes from way back when and have a big “wow” moment at how far things have come. Fast forward to 2010, and “Division of Hardcore Samples” has become one of the most well-known radio shows in club land with some of the world’s best DJs and producers having been guests on the show. Famed trance vocalist Jes (“As The Rush Comes” with Motorcycle), British super-producers Above & Beyond, UK DJ/Producer Lange, and the legendary Swedish Egil of KROQ and Groove Radio, have all been guests on the show at KUCI — something which I am eternally grateful for. One of the biggest moments for DHS happened back in 2006, when we set up live remotes at Tentation Ultra Lounge to broadcast international Top 100 DJs like Armin van Buuren, Miss Nine, Matthew Dekay, Paolo Mojo, and Marco Bailey.

Today I’m blessed with the opportunity to be working in commercial radio alongside public radio, DJing, producing music, and also teaching it all to those who are eager to learn. I’m realizing my dream of making a living through music — which was my goal for the longest time — and it all began at KUCI.

I’m very thankful for having worked with all of the amazing people at KUCI over the years. Thank you SO much Mike Kaspar for your support when I most needed it while transitioning to commercial radio. Rita, you’ve been the most awesome co-worker, it’s truly been a pleasure having you as my show neighbor all this time — I especially love how you’re able to transition from indie to electronic music with your music selection so listeners don’t drop out! Sara, you’re one of the coolest people I know and I’m really glad we became friends at the station (thanks for covering the nights when I just couldn’t make it down!). Mike Boyle, you are one bad-ass engineer! What would I do without you when things were unexpectedly going wrong with guests at the studio — only you could come to the rescue! Kevin Stockdale, for keeping the backbone of KUCI going strong, and for all of your hard work and faith in the station. Nathan Callahan for being the quickest webmaster I’ve come to know. Dennis Simms for your dedication to your Friday night show and for exposing electronic music to OC for as long as I can remember. And of course, Morena, Genna, Liubys, Ramy, Genie, Jack Bartlett, Shapan, Steve Sherlock, Beth, … — it’s been great working with all of you (Genna & Morena, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you guys in clubland!). I apologize if I’ve left any names out, but know that I’m nothing but grateful for having met you.

Let’s not forget all of the local talents and guest DJs who have appeared and performed on the show — thank you all!

While I won’t be down in OC on Thursday nights anymore, I’ll be with KUCI indefinitely with spirit.

KUCI… thanks again for all of the opportunity you’ve provided for me, for giving me the vision to take the show to all of its heights, and for allowing me to grow with you. I love you!!

Lots of things are in store and there’s plenty more to come. Stay close and become a part of all the good things coming your way soon 😉

All the best,

Arthur Galestian
Division of Hardcore Samples
Trance and Progressive House, Live DJ Mixes!
Thursdays 10PM-12AM
88.9FM KUCI from Orange County, CA

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