Many thanks to Groove Radio’s Swedish Egil! – 11.19.09

Swedish Egil rocked the airwaves tonight! Want to catch him live? Do it this weekend!

He’s spinning at Weeble World this coming Saturday, November 21! Check this week’s list of events for details.

You can grab more details on all of Swedish Egil’s upcoming gigs and radio forrays at

Swedish Egil rocks out at KUCI studios!

Swedish Egil rocks out on the decks at KUCI studios!

DOWNLOAD: Download Swedish Egil’s Live DJ Set from the show here. [Right-click, Save As…]

TRACKLISTING: Currently Unavailable. Check back soon!

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DHS PLAYLIST: Robert Holland Guest Mix – 10.15.09

Many thanks to Robert Holland for his spectacular guest mix! Check the links below to download copies of his mix now.

Check out more details on Robert at

Robert hosts and produces Global Dance Mission with Erin Lewis. You can subscribe to the podcast now through iTunes, or check out for more info!

Robert HollandGDM: Global Dance Mission Erin Lewis (Global Dance Mission)

DOWNLOAD (Right-click, Save File As…):

Hour 1: Robert Holland – KUCI 88.9FM Guest Mix – 10.15.09 (Part 1)
Track Listing:
1. thoughts – dave schiemann (original mix)
2. beautiful lie – tim royko & keemo (inpetto remix)
3. conspiration – eddie sender (eddie’s corrupted remix)
4. like dat – illinton (original mix)
5. city lights – rocky (original mix)
6. concrete jungle – lish (original re-edit mix)
7. take me away – 4 strings (dave darell remix)
8. rave is king – fukkk off (le castle vania remix)
9. pyjamaparty – barnes & heatcliff (original mix)
10. ssh – mortan granau (original mix)
11. natsuko – ryan galbraith (original mix)
12. watch your step – gabriel lukosz (adymus remix)
13. flickering ray – moonbeam (digital mix)
14. crash into reason – tritonal (moonbeam mix)

Hour 2: Robert Holland – KUCI 88.9FM Guest Mix – 10.15.09 (Part 2)
Track Listing:
1. reflections (intro)
2. control your fantasy – j & b (original mix)
3. dance with me – day.din (original mix)
4. disco decay – neelix (edit mix)
5. ask the right questions – neelix (original mix)
6. let solitude – tritonal (original mix)
7. angels cryin pt II – szeifert & krash (original mix)
8. obscure rays – existone (alex ozen mix)
9. second sky – robert vadney (original mix)
10. high quality – indra (original mix)
11. finding you – innerlight (dark mix)
12. hotel hell – calisto (dj choose dub)
13. the looney bin – a-team (original mix)
14. turning point – k-wave (original mix)
15. floating – ones’n’zeros (original mix)
16. be a child – ian frank (remix)
17. killing the music – indra (original mix)

NEXT WEEK: Schubert presents The Aurora Music Radio Show. Highlights in techno, minimal, progressive!

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